About Me

Hello, Teacher Handong! I’m now pursuing my master degree in the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. I have already finished all my classes in my first year, and I’m looking forward for an internship now and I think this chance is perfect for my current phase.
So I write this self introduction and hope we could match each other’s requirements and have a call if possible. I would be appreciated if you could spare your time and read it!

How Do I Know About Rust

Actually I first heard Rust language in an interview of Anthony Fu, who is a renowned open source developer in front-end field, a main member of the Vue and Vite team. I’m deeply impressed by the prosperity of the front-end community abroad and the passion they have for the open source coding technology. It reminds me of the childhood period’s pure interest and love for something. Anthony is a representative for us, an idol living in a life that every programmer dreams of.
In that interview I know that in front-end field, many building tools are created in Rust now due to its excellent performance, such as SWC. And I also know Rust language itself could be a hard learning curve for rookies.
I haven’t got time to learn it systematically now, but I promise I’ll get hang of the basic knowledge and usage of Rust before I go to our company if I were lucky enough to get this precious opportunity. In my opinion, the best way to learn a new stuff is problem-oriented or situation-oriented. Technology changes very fast in the present. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know every aspects of new stuffs. It is the ability to learn a new stuff quickly to solve our problems that matters.
Besides I find a very important difference between the English and Chinese community is that foreigners would emphasize more on the document quality. Once I searched the TypeScript official handbook about the class, which is very different from the JavaScript. I first read the version 2 of the TypeScript class, the examples are more verbose than the version 1. In version 2, they split the concepts into more detailed species which could be more friendly for rookies.

Career Plan

During my summer vacation, I became an intern in a cross-country company using English as their working language. My software engineer colleagues are all foreigners coming from France, South Korea, Pakistan and Albania. You may be surprised and curious about how I can find this kind of company in Beijing and pass their interview.
Well, it’s all a coincidence actually. I had an English class last semester, whose goal is help us establish career plan and find suitable job. Our homework consists of making an English resume, mocking an English interview and doing an English presentation. Then a sound came into my mind —why not trully find an internship and practice all these skills? So I searched in the Boss App and found this internship. My mentor is a French man and we had an all in English talking interview. We talked about the JavaScript(I like to read the English book so I know the words like ‘syntacic sugar’) and the daily life about the covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps they wanted an intern who has good English communication skill and I matched their requirments, so I passed the interview and had a good time there.
I tried some traditional Chinese internet companies like Alibaba and Bytedance too. But their workflows are more like exam-interviews. I have to memorize many things which we call them “八股” in Chinese style expression. But I hadn’t got time to prepare these stuffs, and I chatted with my friends who also sought their chances at that time. We made a conclusion that a lot of interviews may be the kpi-interview, and internet company’s head counters this year are much less than the past years’.
I also asked my seniors who are seeking their jobs this year. They said in these big companies, you are more like a screw in a big machine and you’re bounded to do the duplicate work and trained to be a veteran worker rather than an innovative programmer. It would be more easy to find a substitute of you if you’re just a veteran worker bounded in duplicate and boring skills, especially in the present situation.
And I found myself very talented in adapting new environment and have an extraordinarily quick speed to learn new stuffs if I choose to follow my heart. **It’s a significant difference of performance when choosing the work content that we have to do versus we’d love to do. **I’ve losed 15 kg weight during the past year and made great progress in English during the past 2 months internship. So I think it may be the time for me to enter another phase of my carrer.

Expections For Internship

As I mentioned above, I think it’s time for me to enter another phase. My long-term goal is to become an international software engineer who can dedicate himself in open source community constructions. My last internship’s goal is to train my spoken English and get familiar with the collaborative working flow, so the challenges may come from the English communication skills across the international teams.
I hope my next internship’s challenges can be the programming skills and innovative solutions including the good document and code style. And if you ask me about the specific expections, they could be as listed below:

  1. Instant communication and agile software development
  2. Challenging but realistic and progressive missions for rookie intern
  3. Judged by performance intead of working overtime

I can make sure I can do our projects at least 4 days a week during the potential 6 months internship. If you read here, I would be very grateful because I may write too much of my thoughts and make it more like a self summary. I just feel it’s hard for me to find someone to talk these thoughts and I know you, teacher Handong, is a pioneer of the new concepts and translator of English books. I value this opportunity to chat with you and hope we could have a call!
Wish to receive your feedback!
PS: the form in the next page is my short-term goal, you can check it if you have interests!

Short-term Goal

🎓 Learn 🎢 Entertainment
  • Rust Language
  • Cross-platform Project
  • Computer Foundation
  • Universal Studios Beijing
  • Beijing People’s Art Theatre
  • All kinds of book stores in Beijing
    | 📃 Internship | ⛺️ Go Hiking |
  • Get a rust-related internship
  • Find an experienced tutor in company
  • Keep clean and organized code style
  • Xiang Shan Mountain
  • Yihe Yuan Park
  • Ditan Park
    | 🧘‍♀️ Health | 💰 Finance |
  • Keep exercising habbit
  • Keep balanced and healthy diet
  • Learn badminton skills
  • Financial Independency
  • Economical knowledge
  • Reasonable plan for spending
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